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Why lessons?

  • Have you ever wanted to learn to read music, or to just "sit down and play" the piano?

  • Do you have some favourite songs or pieces that you want to play...classical, pop, jazz, or even from YouTube or gaming?

  • Do you need help choosing the right version of online printed music to suit your ability?

  • Are you learning online, but just need some occasional help?!

  • Are you looking for a qualified, experienced teacher for your child or children?  

  • Do you think you are too old to begin lessons, or "to take up from where you left off"?

  • Are there pieces you have always admired, but thought too difficult for you?

  • Do you want to challenge yourself mentally and improve your memory and coordination?


Whom do I Teach?

  • Students of ALL AGES - school-aged children, teens, uni students, and ADULTS - especially! From ages minimum of 6 to -83+!

  • Persons with dyslexia, ASD, ADHD, Tourettes

  • Home-schooled or university students

  • Anyone who enjoys a challenge!

  • Lessons are personalised to cater for every student's needs and goals-if you have a "bucket list", I can help you achieve it!

What Else do I offer?
  • Learn chords without having to learn to read music

  • Help with singing & playing

  • Assistance in modifying and/or selecting online music to match your skills

  • Learning piano accompaniment for instrumental exams

  • ONLINE LESSONS available, should more Covid-19 restrictions occur

  • Gift Vouchers (Birthday, Christmas) - a great idea for someone who is impossible to buy for.  Very popular these days!

What I teach

"Combining traditional methods with modern approach"



  • Learn to read (and write) music (Exams are OPTIONAL)

  • Learn to play chords & lead sheets

  • Help select/modify on-line music suitable to your skill level - I'm happy to work with those also using online piano tutorials

  • Practical and technical skills - play styles from classical to pop, blues, jazz, worship - even music brought from YouTube 

  • Theory - understand the fundamentals and how to apply them in PRACTICAL ways (exams OPTIONAL)

  • Aural skills - play-by-ear, listening and singing, assistance with writing music 


  • Chords and Composition

  • Improvisation & Blues

  • Guidance in playing music found online

An acoustic or digital Piano (with WEIGHTED KEYS) is all that you need to start (Unfortunately a keyboard won't really cut it most of the time!)


Giselle Rogers

My name is Giselle Rogers - someone who LOVES to teach piano!

  • A qualified piano teacher (A.Mus.A (Associate Diploma - AMEB) + B.Sc UQ.) with over 24 years of teaching experience, and who has been playing for 43+ years!

  • Specialist school music teacher

  • Qualified teachers' aide experienced in special-needs students.  I am very patient!

  • Blue Card Holder and certificates in counselling, aged care and first aid

  • Past member of the GCC Choir & various stage experience

  • Wife and mother to three grown sons (I understand teenagers, and the demands of family!)

Giselle Rogers

Charlie & Alfy

Hi! We're Charlie & Alfy-company dogs, and we love everyone! 
We especially love snoozing with the mums and dads while they are waiting for their kids to finish lessons!  Please let me know if you'd prefer a doggy-free lesson though....

charlie sleeping therapy dog.jpg
charlie paw.jpg

"Amazing place to start learning piano at 25 years old. Flexible with working adults and you get to learn the music you want to learn! 10/10 would recommend"  Lachlan, 25

"I met Giselle many lessons ago expecting to find a stern, no-nonsense type teacher.  Instead, I found a warm, smiling young lady with very obvious people skill... Giselle is very patient, takes each student along at a pace she thinks fit for each individual, complimenting and moving ahead each lesson as is needed."  Dulcie, 80 years

"At 71 years of age I started piano lessons with Giselle. Never looked back, encourages me at every step. Explains techniques and music and is always encouraging. She has helped me master the 1st movement of Moonlight sonata. Enjoy my lessons immensely."   Pierrette

Highly skilled and engaging teacher.  She does a great job at explaining concepts and demonstrating techniques.  As an adult learner, it's refreshing to find out that she is flexible and understanding of the different needs and circumstances an adult learner may have.  She is willing to work with you to structure and adapt lessons, depending on your tastes, but also exposes you to different styles that may be of interest to mould you into a more rounded piano player.  She finds you level- appropriate piano pieces you'll actually enjoy, which are challenging to make you progress, without overwhelming you.  She gives you activities that enhance your musicality, allowing you to give life and emotion to even the most simple piano pieces.  Chris M

Cost in 2024


Fees and Structure (new students)

  • $35 for 30 mins

  • $45 for 40 mins 

  • $65 for 1-hour lesson - cash or bank transfer

  • Fortnightly lessons may also be available for adults, or an occasional casual lesson

  • Waiting list may apply 

  • After-school lesson term fees are charged in advance

  • Gift vouchers are available 


School Students - Primary & Secondary

  • Different payment options available (cash, bank transfer)

  • After-school timeslots now available

  • Parents are welcome to attend lessons.  It is ESSENTIAL to remain involved and aware of your child's motivation and regular practice

  • Buddy lessons and ensemble opportunities

Contact Me

Mob 0410 623 872

Maldon Ct
Helensvale, 4212

(5 minutes' walk from Helensvale SHS)

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